Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Getting Ready for Chapter 2008

We Franciscan Friars of the Assumption BVM Province are getting ready for our triennial Chapter. A chapter is an official meeting of the community. During the chapter decisions are made which may affect the entire provincial brotherhood. The chapter is bound by certain canon laws, which are given to guide the order of the provincial community and for the benefit of the members.

Our Franciscan documents call it the "supreme legislative body" of the Province. The decision made are then entrusted to the provincial administration (provincial minister, his vicar and the councilors) to carry out. During the week-long meeting all assignments are suspended and the brotherhood deliberates on issues, reviews where we are, elects new leadership and decides on new directions.

This year we will not be electing a new provincial minister or vicar. Their terms are for six years (with the possibility of re-election for another three years). They were elected at Chapter 2005 and will continue in office until 2011. However, we have five elected councilors who have a three-year term limit. These positions are up for election (either re-electing present members or electing new ones).

While very serious, it is also a wonderful opportunity for the Friars to gather for prayer, fellowship, rekindle friendships and celebrate, too!

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Anonymous said...

Fr.Kim: I am Praying for the entire Franciscan Province that the LORD will guide all of your meetings and your plans and goals and hopes and dreams.I know that the year 2009 will be the Franciscan Province 800th Year.Congratulations!!May the LORD BLESS ALL OF YOU AND KEEP YOU IN HIS TENDER LOVING CARE WITH HIS GRACE,MERCY,COMPASSION.And May all of the Frnaciscan Friars have a delightful week of PRAYER,FELLOWSHIP WITH ONE ANOTHER AS BROTHERS,AND MAY ALL OF YOUR CELEBRATIONS BE HAPPY! GOD BLESS YOU FR.KIM AND THE ENITRE ASSUMSPTION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY PROVINCE .MAY GOD LEAD ALL OF YOU TO WHERE JESUS CHOOSES YOU TO BE TO CONTINUE TO SERVE OUR DEAR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.AMEN!Thank You Connie